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WANTED: Max Hastings.

Name: Maxwell Ethan Hastings

Species: Whitelighter

Year: Junior


Max Hastings is one of the few that knows what he wants to do with his life. He’s a Whitelighter and he wants to use that to help people. So, he was sent to Wolfram to learn more about himself. There’s a rule, that every Whitelighter must follow; Never fall for your charge. To put it simply, Witches and Whitelighters can’t be together. There’s only a few exceptions to this rule. When Max Hastings arrived at WRH, and met his charge, he didn’t plan on falling in love. Will he let her go or will he try to become another exception? 

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Isabelle Garcia

Name: Isabelle Ava Garcia

Species: Vampire

Year: Sophomore


Isabelle Garcia is simply just one misunderstood girl. She’s been a Vampire for as long as she can remember only having let a few people in on her secret life. She tries not to let anyone in because it only leads to them getting hurt. If you asked her, if she had a family. The only person she’d mention would be her mother. She has control over her thirst, but there’s those rare moments when she can’t resist and that’s why she’s now at WRH. She ended up killing someone she knew, and decided to runaway. 

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WANTED: Josh Mitchell

Name: Joshua Alan Mitchell

Species: Werewolf

Year: Senior


Joshua Mitchell is a returning senior to WRH who plans to live it up with his friends. He’s a werewolf who pretty much has his powers sussed out. Joshua is a nice guy but trouble can’t help following him and his friends wherever they go…especially when they’re all together. Joshua is pretty much the leader of his group of friends so people sometimes see him as stubborn but overall, he’s a friendly guy. This year Joshua plans to have fun and maybe get up to some mischief…who knows, maybe he’ll

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Heather Thomas

Name: Heather Elizabeth Thomas

Species: Elemental Witch - [ Earth ]

Year: Senior


From an early age, Heather Thomas knew she was something special and different. She had seen her mother and her father do certain things that others normally wouldn’t. As she got older, curiosity got the best of her and she attempted to do all the things her parents could do as well. She soon figured out that she had an affinity for the element, Earth. She was sent to Wolfram so that she could learn how to better control her magic. She’s new to the school though only knowing Robbie who she grew up with.

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  • Favorite Freshmen.
  • Favorite Sophomore.
  • Favorite Junior.
  • Favorite Senior.
  • Class Clown.
  • Most Flirtatious.
  • Cutest Couple.
  • Cutest Best Friends.
  • Most Friendly.
  • Most School Spirit.
  • Cutest Sisters.
  • Cutest Brothers.
  • Cutest Could-Be Couple.
  • Cutest Long-Term Couple .
  • Most Outgoing.
  • Most Beautiful.
  • Most Caring.
  • Most Friendly.
  • Princess Flawless.
  • Prince Flawless.
  • Queen Flawless.
  • King Flawless.
  • Most Likely to end up in jail.
  • Most Likely to end up married.
  • Most annoying, but loved.
  • Funniest Person.
  • Most Likely to be a serial killer.
  • Most Likely to be a Peeping Tom.
  • Best Dressed.
  • Best Smile.
  • Best Eyes.
  • Biggest Bitch.
  • Biggest BAMF.

Which catergories are the best? Send to the ask box.

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WANTED: Emma Landon.

Name: Emma Michelle Landon.

Species: Phoenix 

Year: Sophomore


Emma Landon is very competitive. You tell her, she can’t do something and she’ll show you she can or she’ll just use her powers to help her. She loves being busy, it keeps her mind off of what she was born to do. She grew up with her mother and little sister. She never knew her father and she never saw him much. Her whole family are supernaturals, but for some reason she’s the only Phoenix. Her daring nature can sometimes land her in some trouble, but she means no harm from it. 

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WANTED: Alison Mitchel

Name: Alison Marie Mitchel

Species: Vampiric Witch

Year: Junior


Alison Mitchel grew up in Las Vegas with her mother who’s a Witch and her father who’s a Vampire. She moved to California where she instantly became close with Icey Ganner and then Brooke Adams. Alison loves to have fun, but if you have something to say, you better say it to her face or she’ll come and find you. She’s not exactly fond of the fact that she’s a Vampire Witch, but she’s getting used to the fact. 

3 years ago on 9 October 2011 @ 12:31am 3 notes

Sasha Blake.

Name: Sasha Elizabeth Blake.

Species: Vampire

Year: Senior


Sasha Blake has been a vampire for as long as she can remember. It’s all she knows. She hasn’t seen her family in years due to the reality of her ways. She’s not bitter about though, she understands the fact that she doesn’t have much control. Once she starts, she can’t stop, it’s inevitable. She’s been missing her family a lot, so she once she heard about WRH, she figured she’d do whatever it takes to gain better control over her “wild side.” Will she succeed or let the hunger take over?

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Blaine Thomas

Name: Blaine Thomas 

Species: Hybrid [ Vampwolf ]

Year: Sophomore


Blaine Thomas considers himself to be a heartbreaker. He’s sweet yet cocky all at the same time. Blaine grew up in Los Angeles his whole life with his parents and brother. He’s a mix between a Vampire and a Werewolf. He was sent to WRH to gain better control over both his vampire and werewolf sides. Upon arriving, Blaine hopes to woo the ladies and cause a little drama while he’s at it. 

3 years ago on 2 October 2011 @ 6:35pm

WANTED: Phoebe Davis

Name: Phoebe Ellen Davis

Species: Telepathic Witch

Year: Sophomore


Phoebe is the type of girl who loves to have fun and always speaks her mind. She knows more about other people than she knows about herself. She can hear the thoughts of others, so be careful around her. She keeps the things she learns to herself though. She grew up in a big city with her family and little sister. Her parents are also witches. She decided to attend WRH so she could be around others like her. She’s very friendly towards others and is quick to make friends.

3 years ago on 2 October 2011 @ 3:09pm